3 minutes to get to Berlin: SoftServe supported Falling Walls Lab Kyiv

Thursday October 5th, 2017
Company News
On September 30, the international scientific conference Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2017 was held in Kyiv. For the third time, the regional event in Ukraine was organized by the Klitschko Foundation.

15 finalists participated in the conference, among them – students, young scientists, innovators. They presented projects in the field of humanities and the exact sciences: medicine, agriculture, law, culture, education, alternative energy. Their ideas were supported by prototypes and the results of scientific researches, some of them are already being used in production.

Each of the speakers had only 3 minutes and 3 slides to present his or her project. While the jury was making a decision, the leading Ukrainian practitioners, entrepreneurs, futurologists were on the stage with their discussions and lectures about the future.

“SoftServe has been supporting the project from the very beginning of its launch in Ukraine. We are impressed by the diversity of participants’ ideas. They give us confidence and show a great prospects for the future development of the IT industry and Ukrainian society at a whole,” comments Volodymyr Semenyshyn, Vice President, Client Success Leader at SoftServe.



This year the winning projects were related to the area of physics and law:

Yaroslav Gnilitsky presented an ultra-fast laser nanostructuring of any material surface, and described how it can be used in energy saving, medicine, LED/OLED displays and military technology. “Today, the entire technological world is moving from microtechnology to nanotechnology. My project has already received recognition in Europe. I am glad that now such a demand will also appear in Ukraine.” Yaroslav shared his impressions.

Yuriy Zaremba demonstrated the intelligent documents constructor: “My project has a great mission – to change the legal profession in the world. Routine work demotivates. Let’s transfer this burden to machines. Thus, we will give human an opportunity to create.” Yuriy’s project is designed to reduce the cost of legal services and facilitate the access to justice by automation.

The winners of Falling Walls Lab Kyiv will present their projects in Berlin among one hundred finalists from all over the world and visit Seedstar Summit in Switzerland. To help winners get ready for their presentations in Berlin SoftServe organizes a special mentoring session with the company’s top managers. They will review the projects and share their expertise and advice on how they may be improved. The winners will visit the European company headquarters in Lviv, where they will be able to dive into IT world and get to know the company from the inside.

The event was organized by the charitable organization Klitschko Foundation with the support of leading Ukrainian companies SoftServe, EPAM, Bayer, SeedStars.