Lviv`s IT specialists Purchased Equipment For Newborn Medical Hypothermia For Lviv city children`s hospital

Thursday September 7th, 2017
Company News
Charity fund “Open Eyes”, founded by SoftServe, purchased and passed to the anesthesiology and newborn intensive care unit of Lviv city children`s hospital the equipment for systemic hypothermia ВLАNКЕТRОL III (made in the USA) and 5-channel encephalograph EEG CFM [aEEG] with video monitoring (made in Poland) with the total cost of 1,88 mln UAH.

Currently there have been no such medical facilities at hospitals of Lviv oblast. Purchased equipment will be used at Lviv city children`s hospital, where annually 20 babies get therapy after severe asphyxia.


“Unfortunately routine treatment of birth asphyxia in newborns involves only support of vital organs functioning. While hospitals of the USA and Europe have successfully used systemic hypothermia methods of newborn therapy for more than 10 years” – says professor of Pediatric Department Yuriy Korzhynskiy.


“This method helps to avoid or reduce consequences of severe asphyxia, among which are Cerebral Palsy (CP), loss of hearing and vision, significant mental developmental delays, autism, epilepsy and other diseases, connected with low level of oxygen saturation of newborn`s brain cells. Up to today only few medical institutions of Ukraine had necessary equipment and experience of conducting newborn asphyxia treatment” – noted Chief of anesthesiology and newborn intensive care unit Volodymyr Chuyko.


With the help of this equipment doctors gradually within some period of time lower the temperature of child`s body to 33-34 degrees Celsius during 72 hours, which enables halting the process of brain cells` damage while nervous system goes into more frugal mode, using its spare capacity.  Encephalograph tracks brain activity, which allows adjusting the treatment timely and accurately, estimating its efficacy and predicting its consequences. It helps to reduce disability level among children and sometimes even avoid fatal outcomes.

According to SoftServe co-founder Taras Vervega, business can`t segregate from the topical social concerns. “To implement social and volunteer SoftServe employees` initiatives in 2014 we launched corporate Charity Fund “Open Eyes”, which has already carried out a range of charity projects in medical, educational, infrastructure spheres and provided help to the army – Says Taras Vervega. – This project is unlike others, as we involved into funding not only SoftServe and its stuff, but also other IT companies of the city, among which are ELEKS, Perfectial and LLC “Technics For Business”. I`m sure, that uniting our efforts we will manage to do numerous good deeds for Lviv, other Ukrainian and foreign cities”.


Unit of equipment, passed to the hospital, consists of:

  1. Equipment for systemic hypothermia ВLАNКЕТRОL III (the USA).
  2. Set of blankets with cooling system (the USA).
  3. 5-channel encephalograph аEEG CFM with video module (Poland).
  4. Sensor water taps for wash basins in 6 hospital rooms.

Background about Charity Fund “Open Eyes”: detailed information about the Fund is available through the link http://www.openeyes.org.ua