Experience makes us different

SoftServe mission is to enable talented people to change the world for the better. SoftServe’s key success element from the very beginning is responsibility: towards customers, employees, and society. This component of our corporate DNA has helped SoftServe ensure the sustainable development of the company and gain a reputation of a reliable business partner and one of the best employers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. SoftServe social projects reflect our core values comprising a wide range of initiatives in different directions – from social investments to environmental responsibility.

The key areas of SoftServe CSR are:

  • Social investments

  • Development of IT education

  • Corporate volunteering & charity

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Working conditions

Social investments

Businesses and our daily routines are not the only areas embraced by global digital transformation; local and state governments are also impacted. With its own powerful IT sector, Ukraine should not lag behind global trends and SoftServe makes every effort to prevent it.

Smart City

SoftServe uses modern global practices and its own intellectual developments to implement social initiatives aimed at the smart city concept realization. Taking Lviv as an example, in partnership with the City Council, we have developed and implemented a system of housing and utility automation, payment portal for utility bills for city residents, and a system of monitoring and dispatching for the Lviv public transport.


SoftServe is actively involved in the development of software solutions to support Ukrainian e-government initiatives. In 2015, our team of testers was involved in the development of public e-procurement system, Prozorro, and in 2016, SoftServe employees designed a portal for e-Ukraine. It is an innovation platform for reforms, which is now at the stage of prototyping.

Industry communities’ development

We join our efforts with local businesses, technology and industry organizations, and software development communities to make a difference in the global IT environment. In particular, SoftServe is an active member of Association “IT Ukraine”, European Business Association, American Chamber of Commerce, Local IT clusters in Ukraine, Austin Technology Council, Utah Technology Council, Western Chamber of Commerce,  Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland, Bulgarian association of software companies


Development of IT education

For SoftServe its employees is the main business asset. We invest in the future by attracting talented people to the company and providing them with an opportunity to grow professionally. By nurturing talents inside the company, we ensure the success of SofServe and our clients driven by a team of professionals. At the same time, the active support of educational projects and cooperation with universities contribute to the development of IT-industry in general.

  • Partnership with Lviv Business School (LvBS)

    SoftServe is one of the founders of LvBS of Ukrainian Catholic Universities. The foundation of LvBS have improved the access of West Ukrainian business community to professional education and opportunity to share experience. It has also helped Lviv to become a venue for meetings with international business experts.
    SoftServe partners LvBS by educating their employees there. Our top managers are the members of a Supervisory Board and active speakers of school’s educational events.

  • Promoting IT education in Ukraine

    Many educational programs in Ukraine are outdated and do not address global trends and market requirements, especially in the IT industry. To tackle this problem, SoftServe initiates its own projects and systematically supports educational initiatives. We believe Ukrainian youth population is very talented, and our goal is to develop their creative and leadership potential by fostering a new, efficient educational environment.

  • Corporate university

    In 2006, SoftServe was one of the first in Ukraine to establish its own corporate university. It provides effective and innovative learning programs for employees at all levels and functional areas. SoftServe University also offers the services of Certification center, Language school, Training and Development department as well as opportunity to study at e-learning programs. The University also offers free of charge IT courses for talented student with an opportunity of further employment at SoftServe.

Corporate volunteering & charity

SoftServe employees spend a significant amount of time supporting charities and helping out as volunteers. We are convinced that it is SoftServe’s responsibility to support important social initiatives by using our knowledge and experience. SoftServe employees support a number of orphanages, organize annual charitable initiative “IT Nicholas” and fairs, and hold IT classes at schools and universities.

In early 2014, SoftServe founded Charity Fund “Open Eyes” – a creative space for opportunities and resources open to all employees. By joining efforts, employees can implement their own charitable ideas aimed at developing their city and society.

The operation of the fund is financed both by employee donations and a company budget. Employees also manage the Fund and projects’ implementation voluntarily. By implementing these ideas, we show that we are the only ones who can bring positive changes, and it is not hard to bring them to life, especially when feeling each other’s support. Within three years, we managed to raise around USD $927,586.

Equal working conditions and respect for human rights

SoftServe offers equal and transparent working conditions for everyone, regardless of gender, origin, social status, political preferences, etc. Each employee can succeed and build an outstanding career in the company. Our efforts are also focused on a versatile professional development of the team and creating comfortable working conditions. Having implemented a complex HR policy, SoftServe repeatedly won the title of the best employer not only among IT companies, but also among other oranizations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Career map and equal opportunities


Career path from a junior specialist to a project manager, architect or even Vice President is outlined in the company Career Map. Thus, every employee is aware of a set of competencies and skills needed for further promotion. HR Business Partners provide a comprehensive support in this, as their main job responsibility is to promote career and professional growth of colleagues.


Working conditions


SoftServe is constantly working to create the best working conditions for its team. For us, it is important that a positive work environment contributes to the development and growth of our employees and inspires loyalty to the company. For the convenience of our employees they have at their disposal:

  • flexible approach to workflow organization
  • gym networks and external member cards
  • Medical Care Program for employees and their families, medical insurance
  • discount program
  • Softserve Kids Matter project
  • VISA & Legalization Support
  • Business Trip Office



  • We received recognition by Investors in People, an international organization that sets the standards for people managemen. Thia is a sign that the company is a responsible employer offering convenient working conditions and moving towards sustainable development.
  • Since 2010, SoftServe has held the title of the best employer in Ukraine (2010, 2011, 2013-2014) in the Aon Hewitt rating and in 2012, 2013, 2015 in the DOU rating.
  • SoftServe was recognized the best employer in Central and Eastern Europe in 2011.

Environmental responsibility

While caring for employee well-being, SoftServe also cares for the environment. We adhere to “green office” principles by recycling and proper waste disposal. It saves resources and encourages our colleagues to foster a responsible attitude toward the environment as well as ecological efficiency for the whole company. Each spring, to build an environmentally responsible culture among our employees, a seasonal clean-up known as “toloka” takes place. We also strongly encourage the bicyclists’ movement by creating a bicycle friendly infrastructure.

Sustainability reporting