Talent Management

Talent Management – professional career management

People are the highest value of our company. The company is its people. Our company pays attention to the improvement of the system of professional development, motivation, performance evaluation of our colleagues and the possibilities of their career growth.

For this we have created a special unit – Talent Management where professional Career Advisors work. From their first working days each of our new employees comes under the wing of a Career Advisor who helps a newcomer to quickly adapt in our company.

Main functions of Talent Management:

  • Job Description Management. Exact and clear description of requirements to the candidate is the formula for future successful work. Talent Management unit is responsible for this.
  • OnboardingOur new colleagues begin their adaptation process in the company by getting acquainted with their Career Advisor. He/she helps to accelerate the process of becoming a part of our company, tells about our corporate culture and some other necessary things and is ready to answer all their questions.
  • Performance Appraisal. At this meeting, an employee gets objective feedback on his/her performance and efficiency from the manager. The specifics of Performance Appraisal lie in combining the appraisal of personal and functional competencies of an employee. This is Career Advisor who combines all branches of the Talent Management process and accompanies an employee at every stage.
To reflect the areas that should be improved
To direct a person down the right and desirable career path
To make an appropriate and clear action plan
  • Career & Development Planning. To have a successful career growth you need professional development, education and certification. Career Advisor can advise our colleagues on the most effective ways of reaching set goals.
  • Compensation Planning. Each employee can have an influence on the size of his/her compensation according to the developed system. Moreover, the additional activity in the company of our employees is valued and compensated accordingly.
  • SoftServe Career Map. This system contains all the steps, recommendations, descriptions of SoftServe’s career opportunities. A personal Career Advisor will help not to get lost in all the opportunities and directions of professional career growth available at SoftServe.