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Green Office

We gather plastic, paper, glass, batteries for recycling


SoftServe supports healthy life style and follows the principle “A sound mind is in a sound body”. We provide partial reimbursement of club cards to SportLife gyms in Kyiv.

Health insurance

SoftServe takes care of employees’ well-being by providing them with health insurance.

Multisport card

Our employees have an opportunity to visit external sport club. Payment for these visits is covered by SoftServe

Relaxation Zones

PlayStation, comfortable poufs to take a short rest during a working day.

SoftServe Kids Matter Project

Everyone agrees that kids – is the most inspiring, responsible and challenging project that one can experience.

Discount Program

Our employees have a unique opportunity to use SoftServe’s discount program.

Corporate Celebrations

Fun that SoftServe team has!

Corporate Trainings

Our employees not only have a chance to participate in interesting trainings given by internal and external experts, but also to order a course, workshop, webinar or master-class they are interested in.


For the utmost convenience, there is a fully equipped kitchen on every floor of all company offices.


SoftServe employees can use free services of corporate doctors — a pediatrician and a general practitioner.

Medical Care Program

SoftServe employees can join medical care program offered by LuxMed.

Referral Program

Recommend your friends for open vacancies

Certification Center

Take an exam from international certification vendors and receive Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, etc. certificates.

Social Guarantees

We care about our shared success, satisfaction we get from work and comfortable work conditions in a team.


We have fully equipped gyms and trainers involved to let our employees be active and fit.

Multisport card

We do care about good sport conditions of our employees so that is why we implemented MultiSport card in our company.

Language School

SoftServe Language School provides all the conditions for effective learning of foreign languages.

On-Site Visits

Our colleagues often work on-site in order to better understand customer needs. Usually, it is the job of 3 months in the U.S. or Europe.

Parking Lot

The majority of our offices have parking lots nearby.

Relaxation Zones

XBox 360 Kinect or Nintendo WII, comfortable poufs to take a short rest during a working day.

Bike Stand

We do our best to encourage active lifestyle of our colleagues. That’s why the majority of our offices has bike stands.

Flexible Working Hours

SoftServe gives a chance to manage your time, working flexible hours.

Green Office

We gather plastic garbage for recycling in all company offices.

Preparation of Business Trips

Buying tickets and making reservations of lodgings, preparation of documents for obtaining a visa and insurance are the competence of Business Trip Office.

Birthday Gifts

Every our colleague receives a present on his/her Birthday from SoftServe.

Relocation Program

Quite often we invite people from other Ukrainian cities to work at our company. When this happens, we assist them in the organization of relocation.

Expert Groups

SoftServe supports professional and personal development of its employees. For this reason we create favorable conditions for the development of TECHNICAL EXPERT GROUPS.


In today’s quickly evolving world and dynamically changing environment, we tend to forget providing the necessary pеаce and flexibility for our minds and bodies. Perceiving it as a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, we encourage our employees to take regular Yoga classes.

Office massage

Both physical and mental wellbeing are very important for us to feel in harmony with ourselves and the world around us. Our employees have the opportunity to close your eyes and indulge in the pleasure of a professional relaxing and soothing the senses massage without even leaving the office.

Coming Soon

We do not rest on our laurels and are going to develop more advantages, which would bring even more conveniences into lives of our employees.